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This is the recognised website for the Lochac fencing community, which is supported and hosted by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate.

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1 May 2021

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27 Sep 2019

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24 Apr 2019

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    Donnchadh Baillie

    Don, Provost


    Aneala (Perth, WA)

    Contact Details

    PH: +61 (0)402 075 078


    • Guildmaster Tariq ibn Jelal's Instant Guild Library v1.0
    • Vincientio Saviolo His Practise
    • 'True Art of Defence' Giacomo DiGrassi 1594
    • 'Paradoxes of Defence' and 'Brief Instructions on my Paradoxes of Defence' George Silver

    Digital Library:-

    • Agrippa
    • Capo Farro
    • Fabris
    • Marozzo


    On the 16th Day of April AS XL (2006) at Rowany Festival, Free Scholar Donnchadh Bailie, sponsored by Provost Sabine d'Ricoldi da Forli, and in accordance with the Lord Guildmaster's decree, did play his Journeyman's Prize in the following weapons: rapier and parrying gauntlet; rapier and dagger; and rapier and buckler. The candidate was examined by Journeymen William Forrester de Blacwode and Fionghuine MacConnich, Provost Diccon Shorthand, and Guildmasters Henry Fox, ibn Jelal and Francois Henri Guyon. During his third form, the candidate suffered a knee injury and was unable to continue. However, following discussion, the examiners agreed that the candidate had successfully played the Prize and did elevate him to the rank of Journeyman.

    On Saturday the Twenty-first day of July AS XLII (2007), at the Aneala Fencing Schola, Journeyman Donnchadh Baillie, sponsored by Lord Guildmaster Don Dameon Greybeard, did play his Provost's Prize in the following weapons: Rapier; Rapier and Dagger; Case of Rapier; Rapier and Buckler; and Rapier and Rotella. The candidate was examined by Provosts Dona Sabine d'Ricold da Forli and Somerled of Redcliffe, and Guildmaster Don Henry Fox. His examiners did agree that the candidate had successfully played the Prize and did acknowledge and elevate him to the rank of Provost.

    On the 29th of August AS XLIV (2009), Their Royal Majesties Gabriel and Constanzia did elevate Donnchadh Baillie to the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac. The scarf given to Don Donncadh was borrowed from Queen Constanzia.

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