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This is the recognised website for the Lochac fencing community, which is supported and hosted by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate.

All queries about fencing in Lochac should be directed to the Lochac Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

All requests for correction and revision to the site contents should be directed to the Site Admin.

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New Lochac Fencing Rules
1 May 2021

Effective 1 May 2021, the Lochac Fencing Combat Rules 5.0 are in effect. All fencers, ... Read More

Request for a new KRM
27 Sep 2019

Greetings to the Populace, The time has come to seek a new Kingdom Rapier Marshal for ... Read More

The Challenge for the Iron Ring has been met!
24 Apr 2019

At Rowany Festival this year, Maestro ibn Jelal was challenged by Lord Seumas Mac ... Read More

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    Lochac Fencing Marshallate
    / Group Fencing Marshal Report


    1. Copy the text below into a blank email.
    2. Complete the relevant details for your GFM report
    3. Send the email to

    Report Detail

    Group Fencing Marshal details

    Name of Group:-

    Reporting Period (for example YYYY-Q#: Feb 1 = Q1; May 1 = Q2; August 1 = Q3; November 1 = Q4)

    SCA Name of GFM:-

    Warrant expiration date (that is, when do you step down?):-

    State of fencing in the COVID world: How are activities going in your group? Please describe.

    Have you held any fencing events in the quarter? Please report on numbers participating, anything interesting in terms of format, notable events (not including incidents, reported below)

    Did you conduct any authorisations during the quarter? Please report the names of fencers undertaking authorisation and the results.

    List any injuries in your group and any actions taken. Please be explicit about the cause - for example, a wrist injury due to falling versus a wrist injury because of a percussive hit.

    Did you report incidents or injuries using the Kingdom Seneschal's Incident Report form?

    Did you have any incidents with broken or failed equipment. What broke; where did it break; and how did it break? Were there any injuries as a result of the break? Please list the manufacturer of the equipment if known.

    Are there any disciplinary matters or concerns you need to refer to the marshallate (other than any described above)?

    FreeForAll: Anything else you'd like to bring up or discuss with the Kingdom Fencing Marshal?

    Report Detail
    Name of Group:-
    Name of GRM (SCA):-
    GRM Contact Details:-
    Reporting Period (e.g. Jan13-Mar13):-
        1. How many active fencers are in your group?
        2. How many authorisations have occurred during this period? (insert numbers)
    Rapier (  ) C&T (  ), Spear (  ), Rapier Marshal (  ), Authorising rapier marshal (  ), youth rapier (  )
        3. How many regular training events usually occur per week in your group?
        4. What is your usual attendance at regular training events?
        5. What events having rapier activities have occurred during this reporting period?
    Group Health check
        6. Are structured lessons included in regular practices? Y()N()
        7. If possible insert the link to the details of your group's offical practice
        8.  Did your Group receive training from a wayfarer this period?
     No (  )Yes (  )Name/s______________________
        9. What is the current status of your group for Cut and thrust? 
        10. Actively doing (  ), Interested in developing this (  ) not interested currently (  )
        11. Did your group do any melee training this period?
    - Yes \ No
        12.  Has your Group got a loaner kit?
    - Yes \ No
    If”no”, is your Group in a position to acquire a basic loaner kit?
    - Yes \ No\ I have not asked.
        13. Did you have any new people start fencing in this reporting period?
    - Yes newcomer/s \ Yes existing SCA player/s \ No
        14. Does your Group have active Authorising Rapier Marshal/s?
    - Yes \ No.
        15. Does your Group need more Marshals?
    - Yes \ No
        16. Are any of your fencers planning on attempting a Guild Prize in the next 6 mths?
    - Yes \ No
        17. How would you describe the health of rapier in your group?
    - Excellent, Growing, Stable, Declining, Poor
    Safety Equipment
        18. Has your Group’s fencers got ready access to a drop tester?
    - Yes \ No
        19. Has your Group’s fencers got ready access to a mask tester?
    - Yes \ No.
        20. Has your Group’s fencers got ready access to blade flex testing equipment?
    - Yes \ No
    Administration Matters
        21. Did your group experience any injuries in the period?
    - Yes, No.
    If yes please provide the following details:
        • Date
        • Mundane location of activity
        •     Activity
            ◦ Training
            ◦ Tournament
            ◦ Prize
            ◦ Melee/war
        • Type of Combat 
            ◦ Rapier
            ◦ C&T
        • Injury brief description
        • Cause of Injury
        • Diagnosed by? (Chirurgeon, GP, Physio, self etc)
        • Did the injury stop participation? Y() N()
        • Treatment and Recovery
        • Other comments
        22. Did your Group experience any equipment failures?
    - Yes \ No.
    If yes please provide the following details:
        • Date
        • Mundane Location
        • Brief description of failure 
        • If a blade faliure please indicate:
            ◦ Blade Type
            ◦ Blade Age
            ◦ Blade Condition
        • Type of combat
        •  Rapier
        • C&T
        • Other comments
        23. Have you got any overdue RMIC reports outside of the required 30 days?
    - Yes \ No
    If yes, Name of RMIC and contact details please
        24. Are you receiving your authorisation cards from Lists prior to the combatant’s paperwork expiring?
    - Yes \ No If No, are you sending paperwork to List’s promptly with a self-stamped envelope?
        25. Would you like the Kingdom Rapier Marshal to contact you to discuss any issue?
    - Yes \ No
    If yes contact details……………………………………………………………
        26. Are you on the Kingdom Group Rapier Marshal List?
    - Yes \ No.
    If no and you would like to be added then please supply email to be used:
    Blade Testing Results
    You only need to report new blades and blades that fail.
        • Blade manufacturer:
        • Blade name \ Model:
        • Blade length:
        • Blade bated: Yes \ No
        • Passed C&T flex test requirements: Yes \ No
        • Passed rapier flex test requirements: Yes \ No
        • Reason for Test: New Blade \ 2yr test of old blade \ Blade shortened
        • Date purchased if known:
    (Repeat for every tested blade from this quarter)
    Published on 2 May 2013, 10:27:29.
    Last updated on 5 Jul 2021, 0:10:47.