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Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye

Don, Provost


Innilgard (Adelaide, SA)

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On the 7th day of June AS XXXVIII (2003) at the Innilgard Winter Collegium, Scholar Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye, sponsored by Provost Aylwin Greymane and with the permission of the Lord Guildmaster, did play his Provost prize against Guildmasters Dameon Greybeard, Francois Henri Guyon and Silfren the Singer with these weapons, viz: single rapier, rapier and buckler, rapier and dagger, rapier and baton, case of rapier. After long and intensive testing from the aforementioned Guildmasters, Gregory did carry away his Journeyman's Prize, with the permission of the Guildmasters that he may replay his Provost prize at any time in the future that his sponsor considers him ready.

On Friday the Fourteenth Day of April AS XL (2006) at Rowany Festival, Journeyman Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye, sponsored by Guildmaster Don Dameon Greybeard, did play his Provost's Prize in the following weapons: rapier; rapier and buckler; rapier and cloak; case of rapier; and rapier and dagger. The candidate was examined by Provosts Diccon Shorthand and Owain Cantor ap Hughe, and Guildmasters ibn Jelal, Silfren the Singer, Henry Fox and Francois Henri Guyon. The examiners agreed that the candidate had most successfully played the Prize and did elevate him to the rank of Provost.

On the 21st of May AS XLVI (2011), Their Royal Majesties Gabriel & Constanzia did elevate Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye to the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac. The scarf given to Don Gregory was a gift from Don Aylwin, and had previously been used by HRM Constanzia, HRM Lilya and HRM Eleanore during their reigns as Principal for the Order.

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