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This is the recognised website for the Lochac fencing community, which is supported and hosted by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate.

All queries about fencing in Lochac should be directed to the Lochac Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

All requests for correction and revision to the site contents should be directed to the Site Admin.

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New Lochac Fencing Rules
1 May 2021

Effective 1 May 2021, the Lochac Fencing Combat Rules 5.0 are in effect. All fencers, ... Read More

Request for a new KRM
27 Sep 2019

Greetings to the Populace, The time has come to seek a new Kingdom Rapier Marshal for ... Read More

The Challenge for the Iron Ring has been met!
24 Apr 2019

At Rowany Festival this year, Maestro ibn Jelal was challenged by Lord Seumas Mac ... Read More

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    Royal Guild of Defence

    Rank and File of the Guild

    These are the current Guild Ranks for Lochac as recorded by the Guild's Administration. Please note that this list is current as of the date listed at the end of the page.  A list of Inactive members is listed seperately below.

    Please report all corrections to the Provost Secretary.

    Active Members of the Guild

    Group Guild Rank SCA Name
    Adora Journeyman Aelfred se Leof
    Aneala Free Scholar Seamus Nua
    Aneala Free Scholar Allessandra d'Arezzo
    Aneala Free Scholar Alicia Esperanza
    Aneala Free Scholar Claire Marie Alderton
    Aneala Free Scholar Gwyneth ferch Aeddan
    Aneala Free Scholar Kane Greymane
    Aneala Free Scholar Leofric
    Aneala Free Scholar Jane Grenville
    Aneala Free Scholar Rhys fforrestwr
    Aneala Free Scholar Walter of St Basil
    Aneala Journeyman Jehan de Benna
    Aneala Journeyman Catalina de Gata
    Aneala Journeyman Morwenna Aelfead O'Glyn
    Aneala Journeyman Prospero di Luca Greco
    Aneala Provost Donnchadh Baillie
    Aneala Provost Pantero Pantera
    (formerly known as Pantera a la Vale)
    Aneala Guild Master Dameon Greybeard
    Arrowsreach Free Scholar Tobias The Troubadour
    Baccuswood Free Scholar Yamamoto Kenjiro Yoshimitsu
    Baccuswood Free Scholar Takeda Kentaro Atsumori
    Bordescros Scholar Isobel de Beaumont of Belasis a
    Bordescros Scholar James Douglas
    Bordescros Scholar William Fitzsymon
    Darton Free Scholar Azalaïs la Torta
    Darton Free Scholar Maheshti Al-Barraniya
    Darton Free Scholar Ulf Heinrich von Wollferßbrun
    Darton Provost Diego Alonso Moreno
    Darton Provost Thomas of Darton
    Darton Provost Luan an Fael
    Ildhafn Free Scholar Cecilia Lyon
    Ildhafn Free Scholar Antonia Yvain Falconetti
    Ildhafn Journeyman Benedict Stonhewer von Askerige
    Ildhafn Journeyman Hagen von Duernstein
    Ildhafn Journeyman Katherine of Glastonbury
    Ildhafn Provost Ludwig von Regensburg
    Ildhafn Provost William de Cameron
    Ildhafn Guildmaster Emrys Tudor
    Innilgard Free Scholar Anna de Wilde
    Innilgard Free Scholar Cullan of Innilgard
    Innilgard Free Scholar Daffyd Wallraven
    Innilgard Free Scholar Elena le Breustere
    Innilgard Free Scholar Kyle of Helmore Loch
    Innilgard Free Scholar Laila al Nadiyah
    Innilgard Free Scholar Lilavati of Lochac
    Innilgard Free Scholar Marc de Montfault
    Innilgard Free Scholar Mikołaj Varsoviensis de Sarmatia
    Innilgard Free Scholar Primus Valerius Densus
    Innilgard Free Scholar Sebestian Sarazan
    Innilgard Free Scholar Steffan Killianus
    Innilgard Free Scholar Trica Ludwig
    Innilgard Journeyman Amos Ironbeard (also known as Jarnskeggi the Mad)
    Innilgard Journeyman Eva Von Danzig
    Innilgard Journeyman Faelan Mac Flainn
    Innilgard Journeyman Gabriel von Ziegler
    Innilgard Journeyman Kaczna of Bohemia
    Innilgard Journeyman Marcus von Riga
    Innilgard Journeyman Mari Alexander
    Innilgard Journeyman Ulrich of Innilgard
    Innilgard Journeyman Yevan de Leeds
    Innilgard Journeyman Zofia Varsoviensis
    Innilgard Provost Aylwin Greymane
    Innilgard Provost Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye
    Innigard Provost Haos Windchaser
    Innigard Provost Odette de la Reve
    Innilgard Guildmaster William Forester de Blacwode
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Free Scholar Bonnie
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Free Scholar Yvette de Marre
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Journeyman Fionguine MacCoinneach
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Journeyman Tostig atte Scelga
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Provost Dytryk Lehrer
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Provost Kit Hackforth
    Krae Glas Free Scholar Laura of Krae Glas
    Krae Glas Free Scholar Leif Magnusson
    Krae Glas Free Scholar Godard de Ravenser
    Krae Glas Journeyman Edine Godin
    Krae Glas Journeyman Miguel de Santiago
    Krae Glas Journeyman Seigfried Zoder
    Krae Glas Journeyman Cameron Mac Setna
    Krae Glas Provost Everard Sefar
    Mordenvale Free Scholar Alexious of Yuri
    Politarchopolis Scholar Gabriel Kalothetos
    Politarchopolis Scholar Honore Corbaut
    Politarchopolis Scholar Rosa Fyre
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Aidan Murray
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Anna Felice Tavestoche
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Catalÿn Gárdonyi
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Concietta Delacita Dilvcha
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Francesco di Falco
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Miro of the Red Griffin
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Safiyya Fiore da Rabatta
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Stephen Eledge
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Zanobia Adimari
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Aliette le Lievre
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Amanda Martel
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Ceara Shionnach
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Gaspar Falk de Cantoria
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Ivan Iaroslavich
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Liadan ingen Fheradaig
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Merione French
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Owen of Torlyon
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Isarn e Tankard dzo Bordonia
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Aelfthrythe of Saxony
    Politarchopolis Provost Adair MacDermid
    Politarchopolis Provost Alessandro von Florenz
    Politarchopolis Provost Cornelius von Becke
    Politarchopolis Provost Diccon Shorthand
    Politarchopolis Provost Lorccan Ruadh
    Politarchopolis Guild Master Francois Henri Guyon
    Politarchopolis Guild Master Owain Cantor ap Hughe
    River Haven Free Scholar Bartolame Yinago de Leon
    River Haven Free Scholar Dimitrii Borodinskii
    River Haven Free Scholar Euphemia de Niccolo Ziani
    River Haven Free Scholar Helene de Villaine
    River Haven Free Scholar Wulfgar Strongarm
    River Haven Journeyman Ines de Tlanelpantla
    River Haven Provost Wulfric Greycloak
    River Haven (Stegby) Free Scholar Amalia Del Benino
    River Haven (Stegby) Free Scholar Finnr Magnussen
    Rowany Free Scholar Edward Cooper
    Rowany Free Scholar Elizabeth
    Rowany Free Scholar Katherne Rischer
    Rowany Free Scholar Mael-Muire ingen Alpen
    Rowany Free Scholar Mikkel of Rowany
    Rowany Free Scholar Sigvaldr Sviðandi
    Rowany Free Scholar William de la Montaigne Coupe
    Rowany Journeyman Christopher ap Menter
    Rowany Journeyman Dafydd of Rowany
    Rowany Journeyman Jude of Lunihawke
    Rowany Journeyman Miles de Colwell
    Rowany Journeyman Raegan of Lunihawk
    Rowany Provost Gomez de Crecy
    Rowany Provost Lindoret of Bryn Myrddin
    Rowany Guild Master Angus Galbraith
    Rowany Guild Master Caleb Adolphous
    Rowany Guild Mistress Juliana de Northwood
    Rowany Guild Master Silfren the Singer
    Rowany Guild Master Tariq ibn Jelal ibn Ziyadatallah al-Naysaburi
    Rowany Professor of Defence Pietro di Roma
    Rowany (Stowe on the Wowld) Journeyman Raphael de d'Avallon
    Southron Gaard Free Scholar Ursula Roberta
    Southron Gaard Provost Lord James of Southron Gaard
    Southron Gaard Provost Martuccio Lorenzo Cavilcanti de Medici
    Southron Gaard Guildmaster Lucius Cornelius Gordianus
    St Florian de la Riviere Free Scholar Henri de Montferrat
    St Florian de la Riviere Journeyman Steffan Glaube
    St Florian de la Riviere Provost Giles Leabrook
    St Florian de la Riviere Provost James Pond
    St Florian de la Riviere Guild Master Henry Fox
    Stormhold Free Scholar Elizabeth La Chatte
    Stormhold Free Scholar Seumas Gaksin
    Stormhold Free Scholar Seumas Mac Thorsten
    Stormhold Free Scholar Yves de Lyle
    Stormhold Journeyman Annabelle Perot
    Stormhold Journeyman Nicolas Askebrenner
    Stormhold Journeyman Rodrigo diaz Mendoz
    Stormhold Provost Wolfram Flammenherz
    Stormhold Guild Master Gilbert Walchope
    Ynys Fawr Scholar Anselm de Calabria
    Ynys Fawr Scholar Simon Malory
    Ynys Fawr Free Scholar Declan of Drogheda
    Ynys Fawr Free Scholar Kenneth of Brad's Ford
    Ynys Fawr Free Scholar Perran of Lyskyret
    Ynys Fawr Free Scholar Willem Tobias
    Ynys Fawr Journeyman Cynewulf of Wintancaestre

    last update 14 November 2020

    Inactive Members of the Guild

    Group Guild Rank SCA Name
    Adora Free Scholar Artemisia da Quieto Arzenta
    Adora Free Scholar Llewellyn
    Aneala Free Scholar Muirghein ni Grainne
    Aneala Free Scholar Jochen Schwalbe
    Aneala Free Scholar Bohemond of Wadestone
    Aneala Journeyman Snorri Ottarsson
    Aneala Provost Sabine d'Ricold da Forli
    Bordescros Scholar Bowen Freeborn
    Bordescros Free Scholar Cassia de la Rose
    Darton Free Scholar John of Darton
    Darton Journeyman Maree de Cauty
    Ildhafn Free Scholar Tristan de Avignon
    Ildhafn Journeyman Hagen von Duernstein
    Innilgard Free Scholar Lothario
    Innilgard Free Scholar Adrian
    Innilgard Free Scholar Katir of Damascus
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Free Scholar Miguel d'Sable
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Free Scholar Laufey Su' Norroenn
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Free Scholar Aldwin Seguin
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Free Scholar Brand Regenald
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Free Scholar Bedwyr D'Azure
    Innilgard (Blessed Herman) Free Scholar Collette
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Adam the Renegade
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Basil Faulke
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Karl Herzog of Saxony
    Innilgard Free Scholar Magnus the Falconer
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Mirriam de Courtney
    Politarchopolis Free Scholar Rauf le Brewere
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Boris the Black
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Leonie d'Grey
    Politarchopolis Journeyman Ysemae McLoughlan
    Politarchopolis Provost Edmund Alekonner
    Politarchopolis Provost Fulko
    Politarchopolis Provost Sabine d'Antan
    Politarchopolis (St Aldhelm) Provost Mercurio L'Estranger
    River Haven Free Scholar Agro Agwesi
    River Haven Free Scholar Declan O'Gillegan
    River Haven Free Scholar Elena de Montague
    River Haven Free Scholar George o' the Mountain
    River Haven Free Scholar Laurel
    River Haven Free Scholar Orm the Red
    River Haven Free Scholar Radulf Demichevalier
    River Haven Free Scholar Rugen Axegrinder
    River Haven Free Scholar Wulfstan Bloodaxe
    River Haven Journeyman Konrad von Strassbourg
    River Haven Provost Blaidd MacFaolen Tuatha Faol
    River Haven Provost Marcus de Valencia
    River Haven Provost Somerled of Redcliffe (resigned)
    River Haven Guild Master Edmund the Lame (Deceased)
    River Haven (Castellum Montanum) Free Scholar Zora of Arren
    Rowany Free Scholar Delbert von Strassburg
    Rowany Free Scholar Fergus Mac Carthaig
    Rowany Free Scholar John Longshanks
    Rowany Free Scholar Ulfrikr Inn Hrafn
    Rowany (St Augustine) Journeyman Caia
    Rowany Free Scholar Iseabail inghean Mhartain mhic Donnchaidh
    Rowany Journeyman Aegidius di Hammo
    Rowany Journeyman Hugh de Calais
    Rowany Journeyman Lijsbett van den Kerk
    Rowany Journeyman Marcus Valerius
    Southron Gaard Journeyman Emilio de Batista
    St Florian de la Riviere Free Scholar Antonio Luciano Bisconi
    St Florian de la Riviere Free Scholar Zachary Attwater
    St Florian de la Riviere Journeyman Turin Orsini
    Stormhold Free Scholar Connor O'Dwyer
    Stormhold Free Scholar Eoughann macAndreis
    Stormhold Free Scholar Conan macAndreis
    Stormhold Free Scholar James Lachlann of Stirling
    Stormhold Free Scholar Jaquelyn Marchant
    Stormhold Free Scholar Michael
    Stormhold Free Scholar Senena verch Maelgwn ap Rys
    Stormhold Free Scholar Vladimir Oblin
    Stormhold Free Scholar Elena of Lincoln
    Stormhold Journeyman Bran Aecuinne Cu'Chailea
    Stormhold Journeyman Hanbal al-Barbary
    Stormhold Journeyman Styvyn Longshanks
    Stormhold Journeyman Adrienne
    Stormhold Journeyman Ragau
    Stormhold Provost Ute von Tagemunde
    Stormhold Provost Jarek Blackthorne
    Stormhold Provost Leonhardt von Saxenburg
    Stormhold (Dubh-Thrian) Free Scholar Dafydd ap Iorweth y Saethwr o Dene Coedwig
    Stormhold (Dubh-Thrian) Free Scholar Catriona MacLeod of Iona
    Stormhold (Dubh-Thrian) Free Scholar Randall Doyle
    Stormhold Journeyman Aeddan ap Andraes
    Ynys Fawr Scholar Cailean Lathorn
    Ynys Fawr Scholar David
    Ynys Fawr Scholar Gershom of Ravensdale
    Ynys Fawr Scholar Wulfgar Jarnsioa
    Ynys Fawr Free Scholar Cristina Antonia Cortes
    Ynys Fawr Free Scholar Sir James the Sinister
    Ynys Fawr Free Scholar Kassandra Cattani
    Ynys Fawr Free Scholar Saul of Toledo
    Ynys Fawr Provost Alysaundre de Bergerac
    Ynys Fawr Provost Piers of Malmesbury


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