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    The Challenge of the Iron Ring of Lochac

    In AS LII upon being elevated to the Order of Defence, Maestro ibn Jelal did look to celebrate this achievement with the rapier community, as had become his tradition. When achieving his Black & White Scarves, and his Laurel, he did spend time travelling the Kingdom teaching and imparting knowledge to the fencing community of Lochac.

    This time upon his elevation to the Order of Defence, which is primarily for the recognition of prowess in rapier combat, he decided to celebrate through the demonstration of prowess. To whit, by taking it upon himself to institute within the Great Kingdom of Lochac one of the most celebrated expressions of prowess in the rapier community of the Known World, the Challenge of the Iron Ring!

    The Iron Ring is a symbol of prowess (and only prowess) in rapier fighting, there is only one in the various participating Kingdoms, and the only way to acquire it is to challenge the current ring bearer. The Iron Ring of Lochac is made in the shape of an Ouroboros, to symbolise the eternal challenge, and continual renewal of the Ring Bearer. It is mounted on a blue collar, affixed with silver mullets to represent Lochac. Each mullet is affixed with a red gem, to signify the blood, sweat and tears each Ring Bearer has made to successfully complete the Challenge.

    The format of the challenge is fixed and shall be strictly followed according to these rules to ensure this does not alter from its original intent.

    The rules of the Challenge are as follows:

    1. To declare the Challenge the challenger declares 'I request the Challenge of the Iron Ring'.
    2. The proper responses to be used by the ring bearer are 'I accept your challenge' or 'I am forbidden from accepting your challenge'.
    3. The fight for the Iron Ring shall always be fought in 3 weapons forms, with each form being fought as best 3 out of 5 fights to allow for the occasional lucky shot.
    4. To win the Iron Ring, the challenger must defeat the ring bearer in all 3 weapons forms. If the challenger loses even just 1 of the forms the challenge shall be declared as a loss to the challenger.
    5. The Challenge is first and foremost a prowess test of ability. If the ring bearer has not previously accepted a Challenge that day, the ring bearer must accept a challenge if both combatants are in armour.
    6. A challenge cannot be made for the Iron Ring on the same day that it has been won.
    7. The ring bearer must only accept one challenge per day but may accept up to a maximum of three challenges per day. If another challenger requests a challenge to the existing or new ring bearer, the ring bearer is required to respond 'I am forbidden from accepting your challenge' if they have met the challenge requirements for the day (or choose to only accept the mandatory requirement for the day).
    8. If multiple challenges are presented simultaneously, it is permissible for the challengers to fight for the opportunity to challenge the ring bearer.
    9. The Challenge may only be fought at a formal SCA event or public function. It may not be fought at a regular practice or training session.
    10. The Challenge can only be made while both participants are fully in dress rapier armour (non-period practice armor such as commercial jacket, jeans, sweat pants, sneakers, etc. are not appropriate) and there is still opportunity to fight that day.
    11. An accepted Challenge must be reasonably met before said rapier armour is removed. (Reasonably means use common sense here, if it is not possible because of unforeseen acts of god leave it at that) If the Challenge cannot be reasonably met, the ring bearer must negotiate another suitable time for the Challenge to be played.
    12. Since the ring bearer must choose the appropriate time, it is always the challenger's right to choice of weapons. However the weapons must include a rapier or sword (case of dagger is excluded, this is rapier prowess recognition).
    13. The challenge must meet the Lochac rules of tournament rapier combat, and permits the use of Cut & Thrust conventions if so authorised.
    14. The ring may not leave the Kingdom of Lochac, and it will revert to the previous ring bearer if the existing ring bearer moves from the Kingdom or stops playing temporarily or permanently.
    15. The Iron Ring shall be worn prominently whist in period armour so potential challengers may know who is the current ring bearer.
    16. It is the duty of the ring bearer to ensure that all challenges are formally published within 30 days of it being played, so that all may know the history of the Iron Ring.
    17. Lastly, it is the duty of the outgoing ring bearer to make sure the incoming ring bearer is fully aware of these rules.

    Al Bearers of the Iron Ring of Lochac, call you to seek them out.

    If you reach for the Stars you shall find greatness!

    The ongoing tale of the Challenge of the Iron Ring, is recorded in the Chronicles of the Iron Ring of Lochac.

    1. Journal of Maestro ibn Jelal, Premier Ring Bearer
    2. Journal of Seumas Mac Thorsten, 2nd Ring Bearer
    Published on 16 Feb 2018, 0:21:15.
    Last updated on 1 May 2022, 3:27:56.