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The Order of The White Scarf of Lochac

Rowany Festival


Rowany Festival is the largest tournament environment in Lochac, with fencing activities across all of the four major days of Festival. This is an attempt to explain the tournaments, and their associated prizes.

The Baronesses Rapier Tournament

This is the Premier tournament held in Lochac, frequently with numbers in excess of 30 fencers. Traditionally this tournament is held Saturday afternoon, commencing from 2pm.


The tournament patron is one of the Landed Baronesses of Lochac. The patron each year is decided amongst the Baronesses themselves. The rapier marshal in charge of fencing activities is responsible for liasing with the Baroness of Rowany to ensure a  Patron is formally decided. The agreed patron will act as hostess for all the other Bronesses present, as well as having the privilege of leading the decicion to select the recipient of the Sword of Chivalry. She may also  select a recipient for the Baroness' Choice.

Responsibilities of Fencers

The purpose of the tournament is to entertain the Baronesses of Lochac with displays of skill in the Art of Fence. Each fencer should present themselves in their best kit, and a condition of entry is that they must provide some victual for the Baronesses. Cordials, sweets, cakes and fruit are particularly favoured. Think a bread and butter plate portion size. Whilst alcoholic beverages are appreciated, we have noted that the Baronesses of Lochac are not particularly heavy drinkers.

Responsibility of the Festival Rapier Marshal

The Festival Rapier Marshal must liase with the Baroness of Rowany to ensure we have a patron each year. They must arrange rapier marshals for inspections etc, and someone to run lists. Lastly they are responsible for deciding the format of the tourney. This format should be decided in consultation with the Patron.

Sword of Chivalry

The Sword of Chivalry is presented to the fencer displaying the highest level of courtesy and chivalry on the field during the Baronesses Rapier Tourney. It is one of the highest honours that can be presented to a fencer in the Kingdom of Lochac. The holder of the sword gets to use it for the period up to the next Festival, and must ensure it is returned for the next Festival. (It's a fencing legal sword) The Baronesses present select the recipient of the sword, with input by the previous winners. The Patron has the deciding vote on recipient. It should be noted that the sword does not necessarily get awarded each year.

Baroness' Choice

The Baroness' Choice is an option available to the Patron each year, and can be determined by any criteria set by the Patron. Previous Patrons have awarded this for various reason - courage, grace, entertainment value etc.

Queen's Glove of Courtesy

The Queen's Glove of Courtesy is a tournament hosted by the Queen. The tournament was instituted by HRM Porzia Vincenzo, Queen of the West at Festival 2002.

Whilst there is a victor to the tournament, that is not the point of the tournament. The objective of the tournament is to fence in a manner becoming a noble of the realm. We expect the highest standards of courtesy, grace and skill to be displayed. The Glove is awarded to that person deemed to be representing that ideal on the day, and is selected by the Queen. The Queen may of course take advice from any quarter should she desire input.

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