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1 May 2021

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Request for a new KRM
27 Sep 2019

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24 Apr 2019

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    Thomas of Darton




    Darton (Wellington, NZ)

    Contact Details

    PH: +64

    Email: e-mail address


    Books I own

    Research Interests

    All Italian Martial Arts.

    Teaching Speciality

    Italian, modern olympic fencing


    Tom Donsbane (sung to the tune of Cows with Guns)

    Wet and docile, windblown too
    They look so easy, they aren't much fun
    Darton unsung

    They train to fence, the fence then die
    They all get beaten at the Tourney oh my
    Darton undone

    Nobody thunk it, nobody knew
    No one imagined a great fencing guru
    Tom has come

    He trained in the French, parried with great zeal
    He loved hanging guardia, a revolutionary heel
    Tom's The One

    He went to the tourney, but nobody learned
    He fenced as a lefty, alone, oh my word
    Tom had fun

    He moved through the fights, fought all with glee
    Crowd gathered round, cause the scarves had just died
    Dead Don Dead

    Emrys, he was disrupted, served up on a plate
    Ploughed into William, who soon met his fate
    Dons undone

    Tom's a brawny lad, who looks rather schmoozy
    No one suspected he was a sinister doozy
    Tom Donsbane

    Then came the Guildmaster, no word of a lie,
    Who lunged for the groin, then missed the eye
    Don well done

    Knocked out Tom's sword, all the way to the floor
    Sixty gentles gasped, all jaws open like doors
    Clunk Bang Clunk!

    Tom picked up the rapier and jumped up to play
    We are free roving fencers, we'll fence today

    We will fight for fun and freedom
    And hold our masked heads high
    We will run free with the Journeymen, or die...
    Tom Donsbane

    He crashed into Iron Gate in a great stampede
    Tricked with a sword bind, was met with a cede!
    Black Scarf fun!

    Sixty fencing secrets, all revealed in a heap
    Covered in surprise, covered up deep
    Glum Tom glum

    Black Scarf rising, darkening the day
    Twelve turning mandrittos, fencing Italian ways

    We will fight for fun and freedom
    And hold our masked heads high
    We will run free with the Journeymen, or die...
    Tom Donsbane

    The Guildmaster said "Enough is Enough!
    He's an uppity lefty, if you know, he's not tough!"
    Last lunge done.

    The sore losers gloated, folks sighed with relief
    Tomorrow at noon, they all did Crown meet
    Now Donsbane

    Tom was dumbfounded, he analysed the plays
    He moved his last move,
    He rued his last play
    Tom out-gunned

    New thoughts were given, Italian's a stopper
    Enforced by the might of many mighty authors,
    But on the horizon, surveying the shoppers,
    Came the heavenly score, of Fabris - You Monster! 

    We will fight for fun and freedom
    And hold our masked heads high
    We will run free with the Journeymen, or die...
    Tom Donsbane

    Maestro ibn Jelal, Guildmaster of Fence, did give leave and licence to Our Journeyman Thomas of Darton, called Donsbane, to play his Provost Prize against all Provosts and Guildmasters in their subtle mystery at these weapons, viz short sword, rapier & cloak, rapier & baton, rapier & dagger and rapier & gauntlet. Said Journeyman was present upon the field at Fencing Fence 2011, and was examined by Provost Giles Leabrook, Provost Don Donnchadh Baillie, Guildmaster Don Caleb Adolphus, Guildmaster Dona Silfren the Singer and Guildmaster Owain Cantor ap Hughe. After due consideration, his examiners did agree that the Prize had been achieved, and did elevate Thomas of Darton, called Donsbane to the rank of Provost.


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    Last updated on 3 May 2013, 11:02:16.